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Colorful festive seasons with PNJSILVER

(PNJ) – Silver and accessories brand PNJSilver introduce new “Color of Life” collection, with youthful and modern design, is creating a new and unique fashion trends on the festive month of April. PNJSilver also applies special promotion with up to 7-10% when purchase 2-3 silver accessory products, and discount up to 10-15% when purchase 2-3 accessory products.

To celebrate the company anniversary, PNJSilver brand also introduces the silver design and accessory inspired by the color of life theme, combine with modern trendy design in the “Color of Life” collection. While the Charming products will attract the young lady with silvery on-point with sweet color stone, the Elegant products boasts an impressive beauty with harmonious combination of intricate design of CZ stone and classy pearl. With its youthfulness, sophistication full color of life, the collection is creating a new unique fashion trend; compliment the Lady’s beauty during the festive season…

Let us explore together the colorful beauty from the “Color of Life” collection

The bright color of life is the inspiration for PNJSilver designer to come up with the “Color of Life” collection

The main jewellery collection has a sophisticated combination of colorful gems with new modern trendy design, full of kindness, shines out its owner and attracts many attentions.

Simplistic design with impressive mysterious blue stone with mysterious blue will beautify the Lady with elegant fashion style and mix of strong personality.

The simpler the more elegant –attractive right from the first look.

Bracelets with lovely heart, infinity patterns are a perfect choice to shine out the creamy-white hands of the lady.

In-point with flying curve from the flower petal and glowing blue stones, this collection is for the lady with the tasteful fashion style.

Flickering glow with lovely emphasis, this collection creates a lovely exquisiteness in praise the Lady who loves for the modern fashion style..