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Attractive promotion for luxury Cao Fine Jewellery

(PNJ) In celebrating New Year, CAO Fine Jewellery will bring the chance to own jewellery with promotion up to 25% for the Ladies

Respected jewellery brand in domestic and international market, CAO Fine Jewellery was considered a favorite among the sophisticate class due to its intricate combination between the complexity of the West and the traditional beauty of the East. The uniqueness in each of CAO Fine Jewellery products was cleverly expressed through our expert design, bring ideas to real life masterpiece, satisfy even the most demanding and classy customers.

Let’s explore together the true jewellery art of CAO Fine Jewellery which is winning over the passion of the lady in this Spring season.

Inspired by the symbol of the pair of bees drawing out the honey, the “Garden of Eden” collection bring to its owner a sweet and classy beauty

With the standout and glowing structure, the luxury main gem stone on the gold-rose romantic background, the collection illustrate a modern, elegant beauty of its beholder.

Inspire by silkworm image release its golden silk cord, the collection of exclusive combination of pearl and the pure golden string, will be such a sweet delicate gift for the lady in new year.

The collections boast a sophisticated design, full of sudden inspiration; combine with pleasant spirit of nature and the elegance of gold jewellery.

Combining the stunning beauty of gold and precious stones such as Topaz with fresh breeze of blue, Citrine with the golden touch or the mysterious purple of Amethyst, the collection is a valuable present to enrich the sophisticated fashion sense of the beholder.

CAO Fine Jewellery products assemble the elegance and pride of diamond, gem stone with pleasant nature together with delicate hands of the artists to make a true work of art, satisfy the demand and individual hobbies of the lady.

To celebrate New Year, CAO Fine Jewellery will have special promotion of up to 25%.

For details: www.cao.com.vn