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Pressure from the Top 100

It was the first time that Phu Nhuan Jewellery Jsc (PNJ) received honored as the top 100 companies with the best working environment in Vietnam in 2014. The survey was conducted by the HR consulting company Anphabe together with Marketing research company Nielsen on 05/03/2015 in Ho Chi Minh City.

PNJ was ranked 41 on top 100 with the best working environment at 2014 and rank 2nd on the retail sector

There were 80 foreign companies (80%); 20 Vietnamese companies (20%) on the list which included brand such as Vinamilk, PNJ, World Mobile, Vietjet Air, VinGroup, Banking group (Techcombank, Vietcombank), and telecommunication group (Viettel, Mobifone). Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Minh, PNJ’s Human Resource Director told us: PNJ ranked 41st out of the 100. This list includes many big corporations in the world such as Unilever, Microsoft Vietnam, Nestle, P&G… the honor was out of our expectations. Especially, PNJ is ranked second on retail sector. During this event, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Minh, PNJ HR Director has a discussion with reporter from Dan Tri. According to your evaluation, why only until this year that PNJ appear on this list? In previous year, PNJ was on the process of restructuring, developing human talent, creating new policy on salary – bonus – benefits, and training activities… therefore we did not introduce ourselves yet. Similar when PR a product to the mass market, the producer need to first make a good product. In 2014, we are confident to compete with other corporations on the human resource talents. We utilized many recruitment tools, employed more positions, and were confident to participate in many job conferences. We introduced ourselves as having good benefits, training policy as well as invest more on the working environment physically and spiritually. Therefore, the work talents outside of our industry have come to know more and believe in PNJ.


PNJ’s annual family cultural day attracted many families as a chance to bond between colleagues and share happiness among family members.

We acknowledged that compaies from the top 100 list encouraged their employees to participate on the online survey conducted by Anphabe and Nielsen. Was the result fair? The survey in 2014 was conducted from 10/2014 to 1/2015 in larger scale than in 2013 with 15.578 participants from 24 different industries in Vietnam. From the nominated list of 500 companies, this year survey has ranked 358 companies which satisfied the conditions of having at least 50 votes. I think the result is fair because PNJ only have 50 participants on the survey. The new feature of this year survey measured the brand’s health brand in which the recruiters collect the opinion of employee, talents, and also outside candidates. The survey depends on 46 points on 6 category includes: salary, bonus, benefits; opportunities for career development; leadership; value and culture; quality of work and life; brand image. PNJ was highly evaluated by the work force in which category? Among the 6 categories for evaluation, PNJ was highly rated on the quality of work and life.


The conference on role model of production supervisor on 1/2015 – one of the professional training sessions by PNJ

In your opinion, besides above factors, which other factors PNJ has to attract and maintain work talent? In my opinion, besides the above feature, PNJ has a friendly working environment, where every person care about each other and there is no discrimination between the boss and the employees… “The same roof culture” – a friendly family-like working environment at PNJ created strong bond between employees and the work place. Some people would say the friendly work place is an unprofessional ones, but I believe that feature will bring out the motivation among the employees. On the other hands, people can discuss directly with each other to achieve better results at work.


Tet greet and meet 2015 – a beautiful culture at PNJ.

Will the fact that PNJ was ranked give pressure to you – a Human Resource Director – in coming years? Of course, our goal will be to establish a competitive Human Resource policy in which by the year of 2017, PNJ will belong to the list of best 100 working environment, however, our efforts from previous years have helped PNJ to achieve the goal 2 years earlier. What will you do to keep this title for PNJ? The title was ranked by employees from inside and outside of PNJ. Therefore, we will improve our compensation policy to maintain and attract talents, as well as continue to build our career development program. Besides, PNJ will continue enhance our brand image as a recruiter which belong to the top 100 working environment as well as continue to bond with the community. In 2015, we will organize nationwide recruitment event; develop management trainee, participate in many collaboration programs with universities, maintain social and charity activities…


PNJ bring Spring to Highlands at year end 2014 – with many warm-hearted gift to the ethnic people

What do you think of this achievement will be helpful for PNJ future recruitment? Of course it does. For many years, PNJ HR policy has been confidence to compete with many Vietnamese companies. However, we still do not have competitive edge of high level employees when compared with foreign companies. At the moment, many foreign corporations are investing heavily in Vietnam. Therefore, in order to retain and attract talents, PNJ had a long-term recruitment strategy in which we have full confidence. Before, we have a small issue of attracting candidates from foreign companies because they thought that PNJ was a State-owned company. In reality, high level executive of PNJ who we attracted from foreign companies are still very satisfy and committed with PNJ. The title from top 100 corporations with best working environment in Vietnam will increase the value of PNJ on the job market and will help us to attract more talents.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Minh (the fourth person from the left of the picture) receive the award of the Human Resource Director of 2015 on 18/3/2015

As acknowledgement, you also receive first place on the HR Director of 2015 in honor by Consulting company Towers Watson. Being the first HR director from the Vietnamese companies with this award since three years of organization, how did you have to prove yourself? We have 32 HR Directors in the list compiled by Towers Watson, one of the 3 top HR consulting companies in Vietnam at the moment. First, I have to write an essay on their format with the topic of my contribution to the HR process of the company. This essay has helped me to be on the top 3. Second, Towers Watson interviewed the Board of Management of PNJ about my contributions. Third step, I have to go through a panel interview which included the CEO of top companies, HR director of many large corporations and GD of Towers Watson in Vietnam… for the total time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. I was very confident on the last round interview and was given high mark as well as 100% vote of the panel’s members. To achieve the result, besides my own efforts, I received full support from the BOM who gave me the opportunities to serve and contribute to PNJ.


“The most important point is that everyone knew about PNJ as a company with one of the best working environment which invested on its people” – Ms. Minh said.

What does the award bring to you? The prize of the award valued at 10.000 usd which was given as scholarship to specialization class, a conference in Singapore and a data package on salary survey. This award has brought me such honor and the trust and love from my colleagues at PNJ made me happy the most, I was also highly rated by the GD as contribute greatly, bring out many changes in the human resource activities of PNJ. The most important point is that everyone knew about PNJ as one of the company with the best working environment and invests on its people. Thank you.