2024 Jewelry Trend Forecast by PNJP Vietnam

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, jewelry remains a constant source of fascination and allure. It’s not just about accessorizing; it’s about expressing individuality, enhancing personal style, and commemorating special moments. As we step into 2024, the jewelry landscape is poised to unveil a tapestry of trends that reflect our changing world and evolving tastes.  […]

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PNJ reaches new heights with comprehensive ESG strategy

At TOP50 CSA 2023, PNJ was honored “Sustainable Business of the Year” and scored a hat-trick in 3 typical categories: Pioneer in waste reduction (E), HR strategy for sustainable development (S), ESG leadership (G). According to Ms. Tran Phuong Ngoc Thao, Vice Chairwoman and Chairwoman of PNJ ESG Committee, “The ESG strategy has been integrated […]

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The rise of Lab-grown diamonds: more sustainable but less sexy?

Table of Contents: What is a Lab-grown diamond? Lab-grown vs. Natural diamond Lab-grown diamond global market The Pros and Cons of Lab-grown diamonds in Jewelry 7 reasons to choose Real Diamonds vs Lab-grown diamonds 1. What is a Lab-grown diamond? Lab grown diamonds (also known as lab created diamonds, man-made diamonds, engineered diamonds, and cultured […]

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Pearls: Everything you need to know

Table of Contents: Pearl trend is back for 2023 Men are not afraid of wearing pearls Get to know value of pearls – Natural vs Cultured pearls How much are pearls worth? Taking care of your pearl jewelry Pearl trend is back for 2023 History of pearls It is no secret that pearl jewelry has […]

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What is rhodium and why we should care about it when it comes to purchasing a white gold jewelry item? Actually, there is nothing called pure white gold and there is always a rhodium coating over any white gold jewelry pieces because this adds to its durability and luster. With that said, this article will […]

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Gold has historically been one of the most popular (and most expensive) precious metals on the planet. But you might wonder: What is it about gold? Why is it so popular and so expensive? What is a carat and a karat of gold and what’s the difference? And why you should care anyway? We are […]

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PNJ – Introduction

A magical journey

PNJ – Honor true value