Golden Apricot Blossom Crafting Process

This is a creative and sublimating masterpiece of PNJ artisans and designers to mark a milestone of the 25-year journey of establishment and development of the Mai Vang or Apricot Blossom Award which is the most long-standing and reputable award honoring the contributions of Vietnamese artists and performers.

This is a creative and sublimating masterpiece of PNJ artisans and designers to mark a milestone of the 25-year journey of establishment and development of the Mai Vang award.

The main material of the apricot branch is a high-class alloy entirely with 24k gold plating, the body of the apricot has a flexible curve being attached with a total of 1113 sparkling Swarovski stones on 25 golden apricot flowers. This is the best highlight that adorns the charm of this masterpiece. The 24k gold combined with the luster of Swarovski stones and the skills of PNJ artisans and designers have created the most distinctive symbol of the Mai Vang Award.

The quintessence of Golden Apricot Blossom lies in the aesthetics, the unique creation of each stage of the design line, to spread Golden Apricot Award vitality over the past 25 years. PNJ’s skilled artisans and designers have to go through many operations that require high concentration, meticulousness and skill. Golden Apricot blossom also brings the message: To shine, we have to work harder every day.

“The most difficult thing when designing is how to emphasize the brilliance and flexibility and still ensure the spirit of a symbol of the 25th anniversary of the Golden Apricot Award. Fortunately, during the production process, the artisans’ team has helped me convey the full meaning”. Designer Le Tran Tuan Giang, who has nearly 10 years with PNJ, shared.

The concept sketcher was Mr. Le Tran Tuan Giang, one of the experienced designers of PNJ.
Every delicate curve was poured all his heart and soul into
The soft curve but stability is the pillar of this whole masterpiece
The artisans meticulously created realistically patterns on each side of the petals
Joyful and happiness of the Spring atmosphere are brought from the beautiful bloom
Then, every pistil and sparkling gemstone were elaborately attached
The quality of patience and meticulousness is a prerequisite for artisans, and careful inspection of the product is indispensable at any stage of the process.
1113 Swarovski gemstones were attached to each pistil. This is considered the highlight of the masterpiece Golden Apricot Blossom
Each apricot and the pistil were attached to the pillar, this is the most important step to form the overall structure, carrying the breath and natural vitality for the apricot.
Golden Apricot Blossom gradually appeared when the last golden petal was attached to the apricot, creating a masterpiece.

Beside Golden Apricot Blossom, PNJ has also made a mark with many unforgettable milestones. The evidence is that PNJ’s designers and artisans have been proved through prestigious events such as Miss Universe (2008), ASEAN Jewelry Design Competition (2015), Badge Collection and gifts at the APEC Summit (2017), along with a series of crafted records established such as Vietnam’s largest pair of gold artichokes (2010), the largest golden scarf in Vietnam (2013) Vietnamese Ao Dai attached the image of the largest golden phoenix (2015), a gold medal set for U23 Vietnam, etc.

The impressive figures of Golden Apricot Blossom:

Design hours: 25 hours

Working days: 18 days

Height: 30cm

Width: 16.5cm

Quantity of Swarovski stones: 1113

Number of apricot flowers: 25 flowers

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