PNJ Designs And Processes Brooches And Gifts For APEC Summit 2017

In the framework of APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting 2017 held in Vietnam, Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ) is honored to be the only jewellery company that goes through the program and introduces the Vietnamese character to the world’s friends by the design and manufacture of brooches and gifts to the leaders, ladies and senior APEC officials.

Accompanying with APEC 2017, taking place from 6 to 11/11/2017 in Da Nang, being the sponsor, PNJ is directly in charge of designing, processing and introducing unique identity of Vietnam to International friends by 300 sets of APEC VIET NAM 2017 brooches and gifts – Golden lotus paintings donated to leaders, ladies and senior officials of APEC.

Sharing design ideas, PNJ designer said APEC VIETNAM 2017 brooches were inspired by the symbolism of Lac Viet birds, cleverly stylized showing the convergence of 21 APEC countries, highlighted by the main stone in different colors in order to praise the cooperation and development between the countries of Asia-Pacific. All together make a special cherished for the guests, politicians attending APEC 2017.

The set of brooches for the guests of APEC VIETNAM 2017 were designed and processed by PNJ

Besides, the highlight that PNJ wishes to send to senior officials of APEC 2017 is Gifts – Golden lotus paintings on a high quality lacquer wood background with 21 Swarovski stones representing 21 countries joining together firmly and shining. The image of fragrant lotus is the most familiar symbol, expressing the cultural identity of Vietnam. It shows Vietnamese people‘s welcome as well as goodness for APEC 2017. Products are handmade, detailed in every step to bring a perfect gift.

Golden Lotus Painting – A greeting of PNJ in particular and Vietnam in general to APEC 2017

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